1 Jan

I’m going to have to keep my 2014 to-do list more do-able!..no more..”donate blood”stuff or run a “half marathon” rubbish.

These ARE things I intend to do…one day. Like if I have to be knocked out getting a mysterious fifth wisdom tooth removed, I’ll encourage them to take some extra liters of the red stuff too..or if I accidentally finding myself in the middle of a stampede of wilder-beasts, where my only option is to run with them, I’ll do it..and perhaps it will be half a marathon?!

As long as I don’t know it is about to happen I think we will be good.

SO, with the help of mum I have compiled a list of things that I CAN (I-think-I-can, I-think-I-can, chugchugchug, toottoot!) DO!

1. Sew a puppet – since becoming a librarian and doing story times with the children, I have been LIBERATED by the puppets on hand (bad joke..sorry)..also having recently seen the doco Being Elmo I am well aware of the complexity of putting a fabric man together. So even if it is just a sock with eyes, regardless, I shall create it!

2. Plan a trip. lol this is a cheeky one..like my..’finish my masters’ from 2013..ummm yes it is a challenge but it is one of those resolutions that I don’t really have a choice in..anyhoo. This year two friends are getting married in the US..end of May and Independence Day..don’t really know how I’m going to pull this off..both in terms of $$$ and having to do four 18+ hour flights within five weeks..barf. Anyhoo, I’ll have to plan the trip.

3. Get a job. I have a job, but now I need a real, full-time, career, grown-up job, thing. I’ve finished my masters, hopefully it will pay off!

4. Own home. NOT own a home..rent something small and sweet! THE TIME HAS COME..as soon as I have a job TradeMe’s rental page shall be scrutinized.

5. Officially graduate. This will be May..Wellington..hopefully with better weather than the solid wall of water that soaked into the scratchy grain of our black undergrad gowns and made our caps floppy.

Anyhoo..to get me going I’ll be following Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog see if this helps me get this going! I’ll be on holiday (out of wifiy zone) for some of the days..this simply means I shall carry it over into February 🙂

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